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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
This website has been built and is operated by Blue Guru Conservation.

Blue Guru Conservation is a Thai Limited company.

Below we outline the terms and conditions that apply when booking your trip with Blue Guru Conservation. These provide you with information on the following:

What you need to do to secure your booking.
When full payment is required.
What happens if you need to cancel your booking at the last minute. What happens if we, in those rare circumstances, need to change a booked trip.
Please provide all information requested to help us manage your reservation and booking as quickly as possible.

Completion of the snorkeler form is particularly important as this information is required to issue boat insurance for all passengers on the speedboat. The boat insurance is processed on the day before the boat departure date so completion of the snorkeler form (including the name of specific hotel/resort at which you spend the night before the trip) is required in good time. We will not allow any passenger on the boat unless their boat insurance has been processed.

It is preferable though not necessary to provide specific information on name of your hotel/resort following the Surin trip. In this case there may some delay to your return transfer as there is a possiility you may be dropped off at the end of the transfer cycle.

If we have not received all the necessary information required to process your boat insurance by 2pm on the day preceding the trip date then your trip will be cancelled and your deposit is forfeit.

Please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
All of our prices are quoted in Thai Baht.

All deposit amounts are subject to a supplemental Service Fee (this covers all payment charges & Thai taxes) unless stated otherwise.

These prices may be quoted in British Pounds Sterling, US Dollars and Euros for your convenience

Deposits in Euros, USD or GBP will be converted from Thai Baht at the stated exchange rate.
For all snorkel trip bookings: A deposit is required to secure booking followed by balance of payment in Thai Baht at Khuraburi Pier before the trip departs.

For all private taxi transfers, Khuraburi accommodation & Surin Bungalows: Payment is required in full upon booking to secure your reservation.

There are two ways to make deposit payment – by PayPal (or Credit Card via PayPal) OR by bank transfer.

For trips, accommodation and transfer packages provided by Blue Guru Conservation the following cancellation/change policy will apply:

Cancellation of trips more than 1 week before trip date:
Refund of deposit less service fees, Surin bungalow payments and cancellation fee of 1,000Bt per person.

Cancellation of trips less than 1 week before trip date:
Deposit is forfeit.

No refunds for no show.

Change of trip dates:
If for some reason you cannot make the date of the trip originally booked, it may be possible to move dates of your snorkel trip (within the same season). However, we cannot guarantee this will be possible, as it is subject to availability. We recommend you contact us as soon as possible if you decide you need to change dates.

Modification of tours:
Tours are all inclusive of the items listed on the invoice and on the website. Customers can choose to miss certain parts of a tour e.g. a meal, a snorkeling session or a transfer. In this case there is no customer refund for opting out of the items included on the itinerary.

All Surin Islands bungalow payments are non-refundable by the Surin Islands National Park and dates of bungalow bookings cannot be changed.

We recommend all guests take out a high quality travel insurance to cover the cost of cancellation or change of dates due to unforeseen circumstances.

All balances paid upon check-in are non-refundable. We recommend you take out a high quality insurance policy to cover the cost of curtailment due to unforeseen circumstances.
Where Blue Guru Conservation has to cancel a trip entirely then a refund will be offered.

Although every effort will be made to operate the trips as advertised, Blue Guru Conservation reserves the right (at our sole discretion and without penalty) to alter an itinerary where it is in the interest of trip participants if caused by poor weather conditions, medical emergency or other circumstances beyond our control. In this case where a trip is cut short then an appropriate adjustment may be made to trip pricing.
We act as an agent for speedboat, transport & accommodation companies and Surin National Park. We assume no liability in connection with their services.

Where holidays are booked utilising the services of third party partners - Kuraburi Greenview Travel, The Surin Islands National Park, Sak Taxis, Moken Eco Village or Boon Piya Resort then their terms & conditions will also come into effect.

Blue Guru Conservation will not be responsible for any act, omission, error or any injury, delay, irregularity, government regulations, theft or strikes over which we have no control.

Blue Guru Conservation are not responsible for nor can be held liable for damage or loss of customer equipment.
All customers are required to provide the name of their accommodation for boat insurance and for transfers at least 24 hours before the start of their trip.

Boat insurance is only valid when arranged with the name of the accommodation in which customers stayed the previous night.

Minibus (& taxi) transfers can only be arranged from named accommodation, e.g. hotels, resorts, apartments, guesthouses or hostels.

Minibus (& taxi) transfers cannot be arranged from private addresses, e.g. Air B&B or private residences.

Private taxi transfers can be arranged TO many locations AFTER a Surin Islands Trip for an additional charge.

In the event that customers do not provide an accommodation name, Blue Guru cannot be held liable for boat insurance or transfers not being able to be arranged.

If customers do not provide an accommodation name for minibus pick up and cannot join the trip as a result, this will be deemed cancellation by the customer and the trip deposit and any bungalow payment will be non-refundable accordingly.
Like with all great Natural Marine Parks around the globe, the local Governments and Authorities impose local permit charges to all visitors. Here in Thailand we have several marine parks of this type. The following charges will apply to all our guests and will be collected on the day of the activity:

For snorkel trips Koh Surin Marine Park entry fees are included in the trip price and are charged at the rate of 500Baht per adult and 300Bt per child.
There is no discount for Thai nationals joining Surin snorkel trips.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Surin Islands.